Wednesday 22 May 2013

[BK Plastic Surgery] Non-Surgical Procedures: Botox & Filler

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Non-Surgical Procedures: Botox & Filler

The fastest way to be beautiful? Yes. Non-Surgical Procedures is the answer!
Recently, There has been a wide recognition amongst people about Non-Surgical Procedures.
The topic for today- Non-Surgical Procedures: Botox & Filler

Non-Surgical Procedures: Botox & Filler-BK Plastic Surgery Hospital

The Non-Surgical Procedures: Botox & Filler
Botox is a type of toxin produced by bacteria called Botulinum, usually found in canned food. This toxin, when refined and injected can paralyze the muscles to either reduce their size or straighten facial wrinkles.
Botox Cases are for wrinkles (Crow's feet,Glabella wrinkles, Forehead wrinkles, Square jaw, Nose bridge wrinkles) or square jaw (masticatory muscle).

[Non-Surgical Procedures: Botox]

< Botox Application Areas: Facial Wrinkles>

Botox injection is an effective remover of facial wrinkles, especially the ones that are made from muscle moments. Small amount of refined Botulinum toxin functions as wrinkle remover by paralyzing facial muscles.

<Botox Application Areas: Masticatory muscles>

Masticatory muscles is a type of non-surgical procedure to be injected in square jaw. Big or squared lower jaw doesn't mean jaw structure is only a matter. Although Jaw structure is not big, overdeveloped masticatory muscles form hard and large masses. So, if botox is injected to masticatory muscles, muscles will be paralyzed, and the size and volume of paralyzed muscles will be shrinked. As a result, we would be able to offers medical and cosmetic procedures.
 Overdeveloped masticatory muscles form large, hard masses.

<Square Jaw>

< Treatment Notes>

You may have slight difficulty to chew food after injection temporarily. Also chewing gums can redevelop masticatory muscles.

[Non-Surgical Procedures: Filler]

Materials used to inflate depressions caused by wrinkles or acne scars, are generally called fillers, which include HA (Hyaluronic acid), calcium, and collagen. Filler smooth out deep skin gaps made by nasolabial folds and glabella wrinkles, or add volume to depressed areas of the face.

<Filler Injection sites>

Forehead, Nose Bridge,Tip, Lower Eyelids, Nasolabial Folds, Cheeks, Lips, Chin

< Treatment notes- Filler>

- Avoid excessive rubbing on the injection site to allow filling materials to settle.
-Hot baths accelerate blood flow which lowers effectiveness of fillers.
They are to be avoided for a week.
- Smoking and drinking are also to be avoided for a week, as they slows down settlement of fillers.  

          Characteristics of Filler and Botox

                               Daily activities may be performed immediately.
 It is a scar-free, and known for satisfactory and fast procedure.
          And also, it leaves almost no side effects. 

Non-Surgical Procedure is the fastest and simplist way to be beautiful.
However, consultation with medical specialist before non-surgical procedures will offer you a satisfactory result.

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TEL: +82-2-544-0404


TEL: +82-2-544-0404

TEL: +82-2-544-0404

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