Monday 25 March 2013

[BK Plastic Surgery] Anti-Aging surgery: Tess V-lift

BK Plastic Surgery Hospital
Anti-Aging Surgery: Tess V-lift

Generally if we think "Wrinkles",
it reminds us over late 40s, the middle aged women.

However, thesedays, it is growing rapidly that
20s also are getting to take care of their facial skin to prevent wrinkles.

If you are dissatisfied with the result from facial skin care or exercise,
lifting procedure can be a good choice.

Tess V-lift can bring both effects as wrinkle prevention and facial skin elasticity.

<Thread for Tess V- lift>

● What is Tess V-lift?
  TESS V-Lift is a surgical method that
an unique thread with distal mesh segment is installed to elevate the sagging tissues.

It was first performed in Korea
by Dr. Shin Yong Ho, the director of BK Plastic Surgery Hospital.


● Characteristics of Tess V-lift

01. The ribbon-shaped distal mesh device is used
to consistently lift sagging tissues in cheeks or nasolabial folds.

02. The inside temporal area incised can be  strongly adhered
by tying thread and mesh segment together.

03. Tess V-Lift is less likely to have a recurrence
than conventional magic lift
since the ribbon-shaped mesh segment can suspend
the sagging tissues firmly and effectively.

04. The effect lasts semi-permanently.

05. The Tess thread proved by FDA
is totally harmless to the human body.

●Cases for requiring TESS V-Lift

01. Desire to have facial V-line but unwilling to have facial bone contouring

02. Desire to have distinctive facial line

03.  Wish to improve partial sagginess of facial surface around nasolabial folds or lips

04. Wish to have much more smooth facial line
 after facial bone contouring

05. Wish to see the result right after surgery

●Surgical methods of TESS V-Lift

01. A thin cannula is inserted after making a 1cm incision on the temporal area.

02. Put the special developed thread into the cannula.

03. When the ribbon-shaped mesh segment is suspended to the desired area, 
remove the cannula first, 
then pull and tie up the thread that comes out of the hole with the mesh together.

04. Remove the remaining thread that comes out of the surface one week 
after the surgery. 

●Post-operative care instruction

01. Facial wash is allowed after stitch removal.

02. Facial massage or applying stress on surgical area 
must be avoided after surgery.

● Operation Information 

Duration: 30~40 minutes
Anesthesia: Local anesthesia with IV sedation
Stitch removal : One week after surgery
Recovery period:  Swelling and bruising for 2~3 days
                                               Daily activity is allowed right after surgery
                                                       (But, facial wash is allowed after stitch removal.) 



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