Tuesday 21 March 2017

[BK Plastic Surgery] Real Story & Real Review from the Patient! (Part.2)

Hello- I am back with another real review posting.

Let’s begin!!






It has been 2 weeks from the date of my eyelid surgery. : )






Shall we begin with before and after pictures?




This is before the surgery!

(OMG look at my freckles……. I should have filtered the picture haha)









This was taken a week after surgery.

You can clearly see the major swelling has gone down.

(They told me the redness in the eyes is bruise. I was worried if it might stay forever!)











This is 2 weeks post surgery!

You can see clearly the bruise and swelling have gone down.

And the redness in the eye which I was worried about seems to be going away as well.

Well, the eyelid fold is still swollen but when I open my eyes it does not look so bad, right? 

Hmm.. Is it too early for me to put eye makeup on? Friends of mine say that it looks like purple-ish eye shadow on my eyes.

And I am also happy with the result and how everyone is saying the eyes are naturally and nicely healing without too much swelling.





This is how I do my eye makeup now.

I try to do it simple these days as the swelling still remains in my eyes.

I draw the small and thin line around the outer corners of my eyes and this is how they look!


I can’t wait for the swelling to completely go way so I can put heavier makeup.


The double eyelid surgery has been the smartest choice in my life.

It has made my eyes look bigger with brighter look.






You know what I feel these days?


I have undergone ptosis correction surgery twice already in the past,

not only because it was only 100USD at the ophthalmic clinic,

but also because they are ophthalmic specialists.


I always thought that the doctors at ophthalmology would do better job than the ones in plastic surgery hospital, because it was something to do with medical reason…


But the result proved me wrong.


The two previous surgeries I have undergone didn’t do much improvement on my eyes, but worsen the condition. I visited BK Plastic Surgery Hospital thinking that if they can’t fix my condition, there might not be any way to improve it. But I was and I am improved and I feel like BK Plastic Surgery has changed my life already.


… So anyone who is considering having a surgery for any reason, just go for it.

Research a lot, and be ready for the surgery and the result!


I will be visiting the hospital for the follow up check a month after surgery.

I am already excited to see the change in person!


Stay tuned for more stories to come J

Til then, bye for now!

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