Tuesday 12 March 2013

[BK Plastic Surgery] Facial bone contouring: Forehead augmentation

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Forehead Contouring

Forehead has a critical role to create beautiful profile facial line.
Well-shaped forehead can make a good proportion in face.

Forehead Contouring

Forehead contouring transforms
a depressed, flat, small or big forehead into a beautiful shape.

Cases requiring Forehead Contouring

Depressed Forehead

A generally depressed forehead emphasizes eyebrow bones
resulting in a musculine appearance.

A partiarlly depressed forehead looks asymmetric.
These conditions can be corrected by filling up the depressed area.

Large forehead

Creating concave can large forehead look smaller.

Flat forehead

Such condition as flat requires more volume in general.

Narrow forehead

Slightly exaggerated concave on the forehead can create enlarge appearance.

Key points of forehead contouring

- The distance between hairline and eyebrows should be the same
as the distance between eyebrows and the nose tip.

- Smooth round contour in profile

- Round and full

- Should not be partiarlly depressed or elevated

-Smooth curve on each side of the forehead

Surgical methods of Forehead contouring

Implant insertion

It is a surgical method of adding volume to the general area of forehead
by inserting a silicone implant which is customized
to fit each individual's forehead shape.

Inserted implant is semi-permanant as it does not get absorbed or deformed.
Custom-designed implants yield satisfactory result.
In case of complication, implants are easily removable.

-Implant production

Implants are custom-made 6 days in prior to surgery through sterilizing process.

-Surgical method of forehead contouring using implant insertion

1. Surgery is performed under local and conscious sedation.

2. Implant location is marked.

3. 2~3cm incision is made above the forehead hairline.

4. Space for implant insertion is secured through the incision.

5. Implant is inserted.

Autologous fat grafting

It is to harvest fat from body areas where excess fat is stored
such as thighs and hips and graft onto your forehead in multiple layers.

This  method is also known for body contouring effect
since the procedure grafts unnecessary fat from your own body.

1. Fat graft is an incision-free procedure leaving no scar.

2. Unlike foreign materials, autologous fat causes almost no complications.

3. Revisional surgery can easily be done if needed.

4. Recovery period is short due to mild swelling .

5. Absorption of grafted fat may occur to some degree ;
additional fat graft may be required.


  1. How long does fat graft last? How much is the cost in USD?

    1. Thank you for your inquiries and having interest in BK Plastic Surgery Hospital. You are interested in fat grafting on your face. If you send your pictures to bkhospitalenglish@gmail.com, we will reply you soon with more detailed information. We are looking forward to hearing from you soon. Thank you. Have a nice day!