Thursday 20 September 2012

How to Achieve Amazing Hips !

 How to Achieve Amazing Hips !

Nowadays, skinny jeans and leggings are in every woman's closet
worn as daily outfits matched with so many different items.
Since these trendy jeans and pants happen to expose women's body lines,
women's interest has been gathered onto silhouettes.
To wear the skinny jeans in style,
one of the important aspects women must possess is a great hip line.


Asian women tend to have either droopy or flat hips
that many women secretly run for corrective underwear.
But there is a better way to improve such body types.
Hip augmentation procedure can create the desirable volume and shape
that you do not need the help of underwear at all !

Then How does hip augmentation proceed ?
At BK Plastic Surgery, there are two different surgical methods to create a beautiful curve
- using implants or fat grafting

1. Using Implants 

Through consultations, the insertion sites are designed 
according to patient's desire and doctor's suggestions.
Then, under local consultation with IV sedation, incisions are made in both cheeks, 
and the implants are inserted inside the hip muscles. 

After checking the symmetry of both cheeks, 

we also check if the shape of patient's hips appears as a natural shape.
The surgery takes about 1 hour to 1 hour 30 minutes,
 and you may go back to your daily activities after 2 days.

2. Autologous Fat Grafting

When autologous fat grafting is performed, 
it is effective to harvest fat from areas where fat is not easily dissolved
such as inner thighs, abdomen, and areas under the buttocks. 
Then, the harvested fat is purified via a centrifugal separator, and 
only the purified fat is grafted onto hips. 

If harvested fat is enough to perform hip augmentation,

the surgery is performed with only fat grafting.
However, most patients do not have enough fat to be harvested in first place.
Thus, when there is not enough fat to be used,
we can collaborate implant insertion as well.  

BK Plastic Surgery with many experiences on hip surgery applies
customized surgical methods
and designs considering each individual's body line.
Thus, BK hip augmentation creates satisfactory results
with naturally enhanced curves

Having troubles with flat and droopy hips ?
Never worn skinny jeans with confidence ?
We will find your confidence and killer silhouette back for you at BK Plastic Surgery.
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