Monday 4 October 2021

BK Plastic Surgery's botox.

 Hot summer season has passed and in the same time students are going back to university. 

It would be cool if workers could have the same holidays as students. 

Recently there are many inquiries about cosmetic procedures at BK Plastic surgery.

Unlike surgery, cosmetic non-invasive treatment does not require any recovery period that means you can get prettier in a short time without recovery.

 It is just a right time to get cosmetic procedures!

There are various cosmetic procedures and the most popular among them are Filler and Botox injection. 

Filler can fill up sunken area and add volume while Botox effect depends on injected area. 

If it is injected to muscles it can reduce muscle volume, or it can also be done to improve expression wrinkles, provide lifting effect and restore elasticity. 

Both Filler and Botox injection have both options of using domestic or overseas imported brands. 

Filler and Botox brand choice depends on individual skin type and doctor will recommend the most suitable one during thorough face-to-face consultation. 

Cosmetic injections does not take long time and does not require recovery period, thus, those who can not afford having time for recovery after the surgery prefers doing cosmetic treatment such as Filler and Botox injections.

How about having cosmetic procedure at BK Plastic surgery with experienced doctor? 

BK Hospital is welcoming everyone for consultation with our doctors to receive more detailed information about cosmetic procedures. 


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