Wednesday 28 August 2013

[BK Plastic Surgery] Types of Nose Surgery

BK Plastic Surgery
Bulbous Nose Reduction, Hooked Nose Reshaping, Short Nose Extension

Bulbous Nose Reduction

Most people have round-tipped noses due to thick skin and small cartilage of tip. Refining the shape of such nose tip may need one or a combination of different procedures depending on its shape.

Hooked Nose Reshaping

A hooked nose is also called an aquiline nose because its shape is reminiscent of a hawk break, with the protruding bone in the middle and the slightly lowered tip. Hooked nose reshaping has become very popular among women who are concerned about their nose appearing masculine. 

Short Nose Extension

Upturned nose can be either a short length with entire nose being elevated or a long length with tip being upturned. Depending on the shapes of nose, such conditions can be corrected by using autologous tissue or septal cartilage.

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