Thursday 21 February 2013

[BK Plastic Surgery] Eye Surgery: Outer Corner Extension (Lateral Canthoplasty)

BK Plastic Surgery Hospital

Eyelid surgery:

Outer Corner Extension (Lateral Canthoplasty) 

Even after eyelid surgery, if you are still dissatisfied with your eyes,
you can consider having eyelid extension surgery 
as inner fold removal or outer corner extension.

Today, we are going to talk about 
Outer corner extension of BK Plastic Surgery Hospital.

Outer corner extension is a method that 
lengthen the width of eyes horizontally without recurrence. 

Depending on each patient's condition, it can be incised in 3 ways.

Cases requiring Outer Corner Extension

-Dissatisfactory result from inner corner removal
- Unable to perform inner corner removal due to short distance between the eyes
-Dull appearnace induced from short horizontal width of eyes
-Desire to have bigger eyes
-Slanted eyes producing unfavorable impression

Surgical method of Outer corner extension

There are 3 types of cases requiring the outer corner extension.
We apply suitable method to each case in order to enhance patient' satisfaction.

 1. Exophthalmoses or long vertical width of eyes

Conditions can be corrected 
by incising the horizontal width only for extension.

2. Sleepy eyes

Incision to upper and lower directions can expand 
the whole size of eyes.

3. Slanted eyes

Lateral and lower extension at lateral ends can create
attractive appearance.

Significance of Outer corner extension

-Bigger eyes are created by extending outer corners.

-Slanted eyes can be fixed creating attractive appearance.

-The distance between canthus and outer corner 
is measured precisely before surgery.

- Incisions on depression of outer corner enable scar to be invisible.

- Customized surgical method for individuals enhances satisfaction after surgery.

Outer Corner Extension FAQ

Q1. How effective is outer corner extension 
in terms of size difference in eyes?

A1. The size will increase approximately 3~4 mm. 

The suitable distance for incision should be decided 
through precise consultation with medical team before surgery 
since the distance varies upon space 
between outer corner and canthus and severity of  exophthalmoses.

Q2. Outer corner extension, any chance for recurrence? 

A2. Back then, the procedure often did nothing 
but left scar on skin due to lack of the techniques. 

Nowadays, separating skin and membrane mucous for suture 
enhance the satisfaction of result and prevent recurrence.

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