Saturday 23 February 2013

[BK Plastic Surgery] How to have a silky hair

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How to have a silky hair

How's your hair condition?
If you are looking for silky and healthy hair,
below information will help you much.

1. Wash and condition your hair with sulfate-free products.

Before you buy new shampoo,
read the ingredients list and 
make sure it doesn't contain sulfates or alcohols.

2. Use the terrycloth towels.

When you get out of the shower,
don't put a regular towel on your head.
All the tiny fibers will make your hair mess up.

Squeeze out any excess water with microfiber towel.

 3. Detangle your hair.

Use a wide-toothed plastic comb 
and comb any tangles out of your wet hair.

 4. Blow your hair dry with a bristled round brush.

5. Finish with additional product.

Try it step by step!

Silky and bright hair will make you look 
more attractive and beautiful!

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