Monday 8 April 2013

[BK Plastic Surgery] Eyelid surgery: Partial-incisional double eyelid surgery

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Eyelid Surgery: Partial-Incisional Double Eyelid Surgery

Many people are considering getting double eyelid surgery
to achieve bigger and more attractive eyes.

There are three-different surgical methods of double eyelid surgery
as incisional, non-incisional and partial-incisional method,
so it is crucial to find the most suitable method for each individuals' condition.

Today, we are talking about partial-incisional double eyelid surgery
which is a mix of incisional and non-incisional methods.

Now, let's figure out first what incisional and non-incisional methods are!

[Non-incisional double eyelid method]

It is a double eyelid surgery using single not continuously
embedded non-incisional method.

This method is suitable for
who have thin and elastic eyelid skin with slight droopiness.

[Incisional method double eyelid surgery]

It is a surgical procedure to remove suitable amount of fat, muscle, and connective tissue
from eyelids in order to create double eyelid surgery.

This method is good for who have excess fat with thick eyelid skin.

So partial-incisional double eyelid method is
a mix of incisional and non-incisional methods;
a minimum incision is made for fat removal, 
then eyelid skin and levator muscle are connected by suture.

< Surgical method of Partial-incisional double eyelid method >

1. Excess fat is removed through small incision made
along the designed double eyelid line.

2. Double eyelid line is created by naturally making adhesion
between skin of eyelid and levator muscle.

The merit of this method is
short recovery period with minimum scar and swelling.

And there is less chance for possible recurrence than non-incisional method.

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