Saturday 6 April 2013

[BK Plastic Surgery] "SuperstarK 4" Kim Min Jun visited BK Hospital!

"SuperstarK 4" Kim Min Jun visited BK Hospital!

BK international readers!
Have you heard about "SuperstarK"?
It is a very popular survival audition program in Korea 
and season 4 just finished last summer.

Kim Min Jun, one of heroes in season 4, 
visited BK Plastic Surgery Hospital.

Aren't you curious why did he visit here?
Let's go! 

He was on the military service 
when he participated in the audition.

His good look and gentle voice shook up many little girls' heart! 

His own song, "You make me smile"  was released last year 
and it was much loved.

This hero visited BK Plastic Surgery Hospital.

Kim Min Jun and Kim Byung Gun, director of BK hospital 
took a picture and Min Jun gave him his CD!

 He also took a picture with Dr. Hong Sung Bum
one of Director of BK Plastic Surgery Hospital.


 He looked much taller and handsome than on television.
He is preparing to be an actor now.
We are looking forward to see his great work soon!

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