Wednesday 12 September 2012



As Fall comes near us, dryness often begins in our skin. 
Dry skin is the biggest cause for wrinkle formation around eyes 
especially because skin around eyes is weaker than skin on other facial features. 
 We have previously looked at one of the anti-aging procedures, 
but today, we will find out how to prevent the formation of wrinkles around eyes. 

When you remove your eye make-up, 
it is better to use cleanser for eye make-up only. 
If you try to rub it hard in order to erase it better, it can actually cause more wrinkles. 
So, massage around eyes softly using the eye cleanser to remove the make-up. 
After make-up removal, apply gentle pressure 
to relax the muscle around eyes along the eye lines. 

Don't ever forget sunscreen ! 
Apply enough sunscreen when you go outside. 
Remember to apply sunscreen every 2-3 hours so that 
you can keep your skin away from the sun. 
When you apply sunscreen around the eyes, 
lightly pad so that you can avoid any irritation.  

When applying eye cream, try to use your ring finger (fourth one) so that you may reduce  applying pressure on your skin and do the same when applying eye shadows as well. 
Eye shadows  that are creamy types are great for wrinkle prevention ! 

Apply eye products day and night to constantly apply nutrition on skin around the eyes. 

Make sure to lightly pad when applying eye products. 

Soft pillows tend to form more wrinkles than hard ones ! 
You sleep position affects greatly on wrinkle formation as well
- Prone position when sleeping can increase number of wrinkles on your face.
Watch out when you sleep from now on !  :)

For those who wear contacts,

try not to irritate your eyes much when you wear contact lenses.
Irritation and stress can induce loss of elasticity in skin around the eyes
which can cause more wrinkles.
Thus, staying positive is another good way for wrinkle prevention.

Aging happens to everyone and so does wrinkles. 

But practicing some of the ways that we learned today 
can put off few years behind if you practice everyday. 
"I'm already old with wrinkles, so I don't need to do such things."
Good practice in your daily life can make a HUGE difference.
Believe in it and stay positive. :)


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