Friday 3 January 2014

[BK Plastic Surgery] Scar Revision Methods

[Scar Revision Methods] 

Trauma or any type of surgery often leaves scar on skin. For such condition, scar revision helps remove unwanted scar. 
Scar revision is not to regenerate destroyed skin cells but to create smooth skin appearance by removal of destroyed skin cells.Proper name for this procedure is scar corrective procedure or scar enhancement procedure.  

Know Types of Scars ... 

Suture followed by scar removal can reduce obvious appearance of existing cars.  Redness around surgical site fades after 6 months of operation, and surgical scar also gradually disappears.  

Z-shaped incision in made on scar to relocate the surrounding tissue. It improves its condition by scattering pulling force on skin and changing the original shape of scar. This method removes scars on front deck, lips, eyelids, and armpits. Z-shaped suture may be seen more obvious than scar, but as surgical scar gradually disappears, the original scar fades as well.

Oval shaped incision is made on scar including surrounding tissue to remove the entire scar. This method is generally used for small size scars or scars with the same texture as normal skin. Surgical scar may be seen immediately, but it becomes invisible along with original scar site.

1. Apply ice pack frequently for 2~3 days.
2. Using bandages for scar prevention for 3~4      weeks.
3. Use silicone sheet for 1~2 months to prevent recurrence of scar.
4. Stay positive and patient through the recovery process.
5. Apply sun blocks to the surgical site
6. Interval between each operation may take 3~4 months.

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