Monday 6 January 2014

[BK Plastic Surgery] Types of Facial Contouring: 3D Cheekbone Reduction

Today, BK would like to post one of our facial contouring methods, which is called,

3D Cheekbone Reduction:

3D Cheekbone Reduction is a procedure that reduces overall facial size and refines facial contour by adjusting cheekbone in all angles. For those who desire for creating more volume on their faces, this is the perfect method! 

This method is based on step-by-steps as the picture below shows: 

1. Adequate surgical sites are secured through minimum intraoral incision.

2. Anterior cheekbones are grounded to reduce their thickness.

3. Anterior Cheekbones are cut and pushed inward.

4. 1cm incisions are made to the sideburn areas.

5. Lateral cheekbones are cut and pushed inward. 

See Before and After the surgery:

Do you agree with the fact that most Asian people have round, flat faces with laterally prominent cheekbones?
Some celebrities have a beautiful look with western-beauty. However, can you believe this? They might also have done some cosmetic surgeries or even treatments like botox or fillers...

"Cheekbone has a complex 3 dimensional-structure with other facial bone fragments around it.

BK Plastic Surgery Hospital uses x-ray analysis and computer imaging to maximize the precision of operation."  

*Chart for the operation information is here*

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  1. Dr. Kim botched my eye surgery and will not pay the 2,000,000 WON fine by the government appointed Korean Consumer Agency. Click Purse Forum for more info.

  2. By and large, these sutures will be taken out around a week to 10 days after your buccal fat extraction. Don't take part in physical games until your specialist provides for you the proceed.

  3. Oh, cheekbones and facial implants are not so favourite than some other cosmetic surgery procedures. But- for me this is fascinating - I think many ladies are dreaming about high cheekbones and only the fear from surgery can stop them.