Thursday 2 January 2014

[BK Plastic Surgery] Type of Breast Surgery: "Breast Lift"

 Type of Breast Surgery: "Breast Lift" 

Because of rapid weight loss, breast feeding, or aging process, women deeply think about having breast lifting surgery. Please carefully go over the blog and then make your mind and visit BK finally.

*Level of Flaccidity*

Level of flaccidity can be determined by ho far nipples are away from the average line. 

Normally, nipples are located 4~5 cm above the crease underneath breasts. Correction should be considered when nipples are below the crease. 

*PROCESS of Breast Lift*  

*Remove excess skin using keyhole incision and fix mammary glands to the upper chest wall to elevate nipples to correct flaccidity with creating voluminous breasts.

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  2. I am considering a breast lift surgery surgery. But I don't know whether I am a good candidate or not. I need to consult a surgeon in the first place. I have been collecting more details about breast lift. Your information really helped. Thanks for sharing :-)

  3. Thanks for smart and simple post. It is really informative and ladies who are thinking about breast lifting now know much more. I would like to share another interesting article for those, who are considering cosmetic surgery.

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