Saturday 28 December 2013

[BK Plastic Surgery] BK Style shows what's IDEAL Lip & Ear

How do you define "beauty" ? Beautiful lips speak beautiful words and beautiful ears listen to beautiful news. Today, we would like to post what's ideal shape of beautiful lip and ear created by BK Style.

*The ideal thinkness of lips is 2 (upper lip): 3 (lower lip) ration with defined contour and Cupid's arrow shaped. The idea length of lips is identical length between the center of both pupils. Thus, imbalanced thinkness or lengh of lips should be corrected to enhance overall facial appearance.

It is a simple method to correct lips by filer injection. It should be injected carefully because if it is injected a lot greedily, the lips may showed out too much, and if it's too little, the filer could be showed through. The effect usually lasts 1 year, so the repeat procedure is needed.

Excess fat from abdomen or thighs cna be injected to lips after extraction and purifying process.
You can also enjoy results of liposuction for removing unwanted fat from desired sites. There is no risk for side effects due to injection of foreign objects. The results are not permanent that additional procedure may be necessary.

Incision is made for 2~3mm on inner lip to broaden its shape. The scar is invisible beause incision is made inside lips.

Mucous membrane, sub mucosa, and muscles if needed are resected in order to reduce overall thinkness of lips. Mucous membrane from lips is very elastic tht resecting mucous membrane does not cause any change in facial shape. Incision is made inside mouth so that scar can be invisible. You may experience swelling due to high sensitivity of mucous membrane.

[Finally, See Before & After (: ]

*The ideal ration of width and height of ear is 4:7.

*Upper part of pinna should e located on the eye level, and earlobe should be ocated on the ame level of nose tip.
*Ear should be tilted about 8-10 degrees towards back of the head.


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