Wednesday 12 December 2018

[Article] [Sisa Today Sisa On] Dr. Koh Eun Seok, “Rhinoplasty for Men should be considered with discretion with different standards of beauty compared to Rhinoplasty for Women”

Nowadays, more men are coming in to plastic surgery hospitals to alter their looks, creating the word 'Groomers' which refers the guys who invest time and money to look good and spruce up. In short, it is what we would call a metrosexual.

Rhinoplasty takes up the highest frequency in plastic surgery among men since men prefers more defined profile to look masculine. A strong chiseled look is one of the facial features many regard as manly appearance and this is why rhinoplasty for men should be differentiated from rhinoplasty for women.

Dr. Koh Eun Seok in BK Plastic Surgery Hospital explains the importance of knowing the difference between the surgerys for men and women and what difference guys must consider when planning for rhinoplasty.

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