Tuesday 21 March 2017

[BK Plastic Surgery] Real Story & Real Review from the Patient! (Part.3 -Final)

Hello everyone, this is the last real review from the patient :)


Let’s begin!!





It has been 2 weeks from the date of my eyelid surgery. : )



Let me show you the pictures for your reference!



So, this is the picture taken before the surgery.

Hehe the surgery date was Feb 25th.


 1 week


2 weeks

3 weeks


a month – without makeup


So, I met the Dr. Kang for the follow up check. And he said the surgery went really well. During the consultation, he mentioned the possibility of second fat injection but he said it does not seem necessary, considering my condition now.


Also, since I had the levator muscle weakness correction, we were worried that the eyelid fold on the right side might become smaller. But it is ALL GOOOD : )


His words made me so relaxed and it meant like world to me hehe


And one thing I noticed is that all staffs including the nurses were really nice and kind.


And one more thing that is great, I can wear my colored contact lenses now!!! Yayyy


With the contacts on, my eyes look even more defined and bigger. It is just a simple line added on my upper eyelid, but it is amazing how just A LINE can do to one’s face.


I guess BK Plastic Surgery Hospital Korea is famous for its reason!

I would like to highly recommend this hospital to the people who are considering having a surgery.

***Headquarter of BK is located in Seoul, Korea ***

 English :english@bkhospital.com +82 10 8626 8896
Indonesia : indonesia@bkhospital.com +82 10-7152-8892
Malaysia : malaysia@bkhospital.com +82-10-9481-8960
Singapore : singapore@bkhospital.com  +65 9389 7749
China :  China@bkhospital.com +82 10 4934 8886
Japan : japan@bkhospital.com +82 10 7128 3886
Mongolia : mongolia@bkhospital.com +82 10 4072 0403
Vietnam :  vietnam@bkhospital.com +82 10 4732 8894
Russia: russia@bkhospital.com +82 10 4783 8886
Thailand: bkhospitalthailand@gmail.com +82 10 4783 8886 

***Below is BK's Singapore branch ***

BK Medical Group Aesthetic Clinic

#08-05,06 Novena Medical Centre, 10 Sinaran Drive, Singapore, 307506


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