Tuesday 9 August 2016

[BK Plastic Surgery] 2nd Real Story after having double eyelid surgey in BK

 Hello. Here is the second real review of the patient
who received double eyelid surgery
 &Levator muscle correction in BK.
Today is about the story after having surgery!


These are my eyes before surgery in BK.
As it might be seen, asymmetric eyes were very severe so that I decided to go for surgery to make it balanced.
The picture taken below is right after the surgery.

The eye shown on the left side of photo is my right eye.
There were big swelling and bruising after surgery.
I had been worried regarding my condition;
however, the major swelling has been subsided
within short time.
As I had undergone eyelid surgery twice,
the surgery performed this time was more complicated than other previous 2 surgeries.
I took around 1.5 hour to complete the surgery.

You might be curious what the tread is
in the middle of upper eyelid.
That is applied to prevent from creating wrinkles
on eyelid after surgery.
This is the photo on the 3rd day,
The thread connected was removed and the surgical area was cleaned.  
I was very worried right after surgery as I had big swelling; however it had reduced a lot on the 3rd day.
Doctor come & check my condition
and told me that the surgery was performed successfully and please do take good care post surgery.
It made me relieved since I was worried a lot
as this is my 3rd surgery.
Here is a special tip what I did to reduce swelling.
1. I applied ice-pack as much as I can.
2. I used extra pillow to keep my upper body elevated.
3. I drunk pumpkin juice 1-2 times a day which is known to be helpful to reduce swelling.
This is the photo on the 4th day.
The color of bruising turns into the yellow from purple.
After 5-7th day, there was no big difference
as only minor swelling was left
which take some amount of time
to be subsided completely.
Regarding stitches,
It was supposed to be removed on the 7th day,
however my stitches were removed on the 8th day
due to my schedule for school.
As can be seen on the photo, there is red spot
on the eyeball which would be disappeared over time.
It was recommended to start to put eye-make up
3 weeks after surgery.
This is on the 9th day.
I used to have ptosis which cannot open eyes properly; however this condition was corrected
with Levator muscle correction.
I am not sure yet exactly
how the final result would come out
as there are still minor swelling and bruising.
This is the end of 2nd real story.
I may come back with the 3rd story, 2 weeks after surgery.

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