Saturday 13 August 2016

[BK Plastic Surgery] the real story of the patient who had non-incisional eyelid surgery in BK

This is the real story of the patient
who had Non-incisional double eyelid surgery
in BK Plastic Surgery.


Nowadays it is said that mono eyelid is in fashion,
however, my mom strongly told me
that the beauty standard for a girl is
to have beautiful eyes.
Thus, I decided to have eyelid surgery.

My friend received eyelid surgery in BK
and it was done very successfully,
therefore, I went to BK to have consultation.


During consultation,
doctor explained how my eyes can be improved
with surgery very kindly and clearly.
Also the price was reasonable
as there was a special promotion on the month.

This is the photo before the surgery.

Even though non-incisional eyelid surgery
is considered as simple one, I was very nervous.

This is the photo the day after surgery.

I was worried as there was big swelling
than I had expected.

This is the 2nd day.

The swelling was subsided dramatically
as I applied ice-pack all day long.

I think that applying ice-pack is the best way
to reduce swelling after surgery.

This is the 7th day.

There was still minor swelling left
and it looked cheesy a little.


This is the 14th day.

Most of swelling was subsided
and my friends did not recognize
weather I had surgery or not just told
that you look prettier J
Now I can pretend its my original eyes.


This is the 21st day, 3 week after surgery.

Now there is no swelling anymore
and the image has been changed
to be more mature than before.


For those who hesitate to have eyelid surgery,
It seems like you do not need to worry about it.

I guarantee that you would be satisfied
after having surgery in BK!

This is 1 month after surgery.

Not only I could have beautiful eye shape but also my confidence has benn improved.

Most of all, I got a boyfriend ^.^ ~~


If you did not decide
which hospital you would go for the surgery
and if you expect natural results,

I highly recommend you BK Plastic Surgery !!

***Headquarter of BK is located in Seoul, Korea ***
 English +82 10 5021 8886

Indonesia : +82 10-7152-8892

Malaysia :  +82-10-9481-8960

Singapore :  +65 9389 7749

China : +82 10 4934 8886

Japan : +82 10 7128 3886

Mongolia : +82 10 4072 0403

Vietnam : +82 10 4732 8894

Russia: +82 10 4783 8886

Thailand: +82 10 4783 8886 

***Below is BK's Singapore branch ***

BK Medical Group Aesthetic Clinic

#08-05,06 Novena Medical Centre, 10 Sinaran Drive, Singapore, 307506




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