Tuesday 11 September 2012

Bring out your Fall Scarves !

Bring out your Fall Scarves ! 

 Accessories makes a huge statement on fashion. 
Scarves can do the same during Fall season. 
Scarves in Fall have been always popular among fashionistas
that there are various designs of Fall scarves out there. 

So today we will look at trendy scarves for Fall 2012.

 Simple scarves such as this one in mustard color can be worn with any style. 
Mustard color can even go well with black or leopard pattern
that the scarf really enhances overall leopard dress and the black jacket 
and creates a buffer between black and leopard. 

Attention, animal print lovers ! 
Leopard scarves are back !! 
The pattern may look too wild, but when you match it with a blouse and a knit sweater, 
it can be feminine and chic at the same time. 

These are feminine types of scarves. 
irregular patterns and vivid colors can fancy up easily.
 When you are dressed in dark clothes, wearing a petite scarf in vivid color can brighten up your overall appearance. 
I personally love the black jacket with paisley scarf. 

It is totally fabulous to wear a stripe shirt and shorts with nice scarf. 
Scarves can be very useful during seasonal changes to stay warm. 

Such patters like stars can be fun and pointy to casual style. 
There are so many kinds of scarves, right ? 
Try not to stay with just simple and boring scarves and have fun with it ! 
Just putting on a scarf can make a whole difference with same old clothes. 

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