Thursday 7 March 2013

[BK Plastic Surgery] Eyelid surgery: Inner Corner Reconstruction

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Inner Corner Reconstruction


In the past, eyelid surgery means that double eyelid crease is created only,
but nowadays, in order to make the most attractive and defined eyes,
inner or outer corner fold removal also can be applied along with double eyelid surgery.

Inner corner fold removal(epicanthoplasty) can cut away 
mongolian folds covering inner corner of eyes 
to create smooth and refined impression.   

But if redness of inner corner fold shows too much by cutting overly,
unpleasant impression can be brought to others.

Why would it be happened?

Because same surgical technique was applied to every patients

without consideration of individual condition.

If you are not satisfied with the outcome from inner corner fold removal,
consider to have inner corner reconstruction.

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Inner Corner Reconstruction

01 Inner Corner Reconstruction
When mongolian fold are removed either excessively/  insufficiently
during inner corner fold removal, or the outcomes are not satisfactory,
inner corner reconstruection should be considered.

Time for inner corner reconstruction
Time after six months to 1 year is suitable
for any reconsturctive surgery of eyes after the previous procedure.

02 Surgical methods of Inner corner reconstruction
Since surgical method is decided 
after reviewing the existing problems and patient's condition,
consultation with surgeon is mandatory.

Excesss removal of Mongolian fold

Skin-repositioning method widens the inner corner vertically
to make eyes more natural.

Insufficient removal of mongolian fold

Existing incision line can be used to remove mongolian folds
to balance the shape of both eyes.

Visible scar after inner corner fold removal

Visible scar can be repositioned to where it is invisible
after resecting the scar from the site.

03 Inner Corner Reconstruction FAQ
Q How much scar is induced after inner corner reconstruction,
and is it possible to have reconstructive surgery for severe cases?

A Linear line shaped scar is induced after, but it fades away after six months.
Such cases like excess removal of Mongolian fold or visible scar can be corrected at once. Even for sever cases, it is possible to adjust the degree of inner corner angle.

A Possibility of reconstructive surgery vary upon patient's condition 
Q Can inner corner fold removal that performed at another hospital be corrected?

since the procedure is more complicated than the first surgery.

If you are interested in inner corner reconstruction, 
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  1. i recently got non-incision type upper eyelid surgery which consists of 3 stitches. about how long til the swelling is gone and wht should i do to help it? thanks!

    1. It largely depends on personal condition, but in case of non-incisional double eyelid surgery, it usually takes about 1~2 weeks to subside major swelling.
      You should apply packs -ice & warm following the clinic's instruction which you got surgery- on surgical area frequently. Thank you!

  2. Hi,

    I did double eyelid and medial epicanthoplasty and the result of the eyes are uneven on the area near the corner.

    is it possible to fix them and make them more even?

    Thank you