Saturday 9 March 2013

[BK Plastic Surgery] Eyelid surgery-Inner corner fold removal

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Eyelid surgery: Inner Corner Fold Removal

Small eyes can be fixed by removing Mongolian folds
which is covering inner corner fold.

Inner corner fold removal is needed for below cases.

- Wide distance between eyes

- Short and stuffy appearance of double eyelid crease

- The vertical length of eyes being too short

- Rough crease along the inner corner fold

- Slanted eyes producing unfavorable impression

- Strong impression given by extremely pointy inner corner

Attractive appearance can be created
by making smooth inner corner of eyes.

BK Plastic Surgery Hospital
Significance of Inner corner fold removal

- There is no visible scar.

- Recurrence is very rare.

- It is possible to return to daily lift
since swelling and pain are minimum.

BK Plastic Surgery Hospital
Eyelid surgery: Inner corner removal FAQ

Q. Will there be any visible scar after inner corner fold removal?

A. The suture line after removing Mongolian folds is hidden along the inner surface of eyes. 
Redness appeals during the first month, but disappears after 2~3 months.

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  1. It largely depends on personal condition, but in case of non-incisional double eyelid surgery, it usually takes about 1~2 weeks to subside major swelling.
    You should apply packs -ice & warm following the clinic's instruction which you got surgery- on surgical area frequently. Thank you!