Saturday 9 March 2013

[BK Plastic Surgery] Teardrop Breast Augmentation

BK Plastic Surgery Hospital

Breast Augmentation: Teardrop-Shaped Implant

It is getting warmer in Korea!
Spring approaches.

If weather is getting warmer, 
our clothing will be getting lighter, it means women watch their figures.

Today, we are going to talk about breast augmentation, 
with the new implant, teardrop-shape one!

Instead of focusing on breast size, recent procedure focus on 

harmonising with individual's body shape.

The key is to create naturally voluptuous breasts 

based on proportions (height, waist and hips) 
with consideration of 3-dimensional way of breasts.

BK Plastic Surgery Hospital is performing 
Teardrop Breast Augmentation.

Use of POLYTECH Teardrop Breast Implants,
the First Breast Implants Officially Launched in Asia.

And various shapes and size can be available 
for each patient's condition.

Also in any activities, natural shape can be formed.


between existing round-shaped implant 

and teardrop-shaped implant

Round implants are the most commonly used implants for breast surgery 
that they can create voluminous breast, but it is hard to create as natural breasts.

On the contrary, the teardrop implants are very similar
 to the real female breast shape(teardrop-shape) 
that they can create more natural breast shape.
Let's learn more about Teardrop implants!


Teardrop implant is the implant in teardrop shape 
which is considered as the most similar shape to the real implants. 

ㅁThrough the Polytech Golden Ratio System, 
the surgical plan is precisely determined that satisfactory results can be achieved.

BK Plastic Surgery Hospital
Significance of Teardrop Breast Augmentation

- Use of Polytech teardrop breast implant, 
the first breast implants officially launched in Asia

BK Plastic surgery hospital uses teardrop breast implant by Polytech 
which has been accredited in Europe 
in order to provide natural silhouette and voluminous breasts.

- Forming Natural shape in any activities

Considering each individual's anatomical traits, 
we choose the most appropriate type and design of implants 
so that the movement and the shape of breast can be natural in all activities.

- Low risk for side effects

Since there is no much space in breast after surgery, 
the risk of side effects such as 
changes in location of implant, wrinkle formation and capsular contracture is low. 

Real teardrops have fallen on my breast!

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