Tuesday 26 March 2013

[BK Plastic Surgery] How to Reduce Leg Swelling

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How to Reduce Leg Swelling

Swelling in the legs can be caused by many different conditions. 
If your legs swell, there are ways to reduce it and promote circulation; 
you will feel much better when you do.

How to Reduce Leg Swelling
 Do foot bath and massage frequently!

Start from patting the soles of your foot, 
press them and turn your ankles slowly.

After then,
soak your feet into hot water about 15~20 minutes.

How to Reduce Leg Swelling
 Remove tight shoes!

Remove tight shoes ! 
They will block your circulation and cause even more edema in your legs. 
Also stockings that stop at the ankle can also impair circulation. 
Remove your shoes or at least loosen shoelaces or closures.

How to Reduce Leg Swelling
Avoid eating salty foods!

Excessive salt helps your body retain fluid and will make edema worse.

These ways helps you have slim and straight legs!


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