Tuesday 21 May 2013

[BK Plastic Surgery] French Host Antoine de Caunes in BK.

One fine afternoon, blog manager BK was all excited about their visit. 

So, Who are they? 

They are from the land of 

Baguette bread

The Eiffel Tower

 and the Triumphal Arch.

They are....... 

Canalplus from France! 

Canalplus is a second famous private TV channel in France, and they came to BK Plastic Surgery Hospital to film Maboul de Seoul, a documentary about Korea which will be aired later this year. 

<Blog manager BK was fascinated by their manner and humor. :) I could see sunshine surrounding them. Can you feel this?>

Oh, and by the way! Has anyone recognized our gentlemen with the gray suite? 

Yes! He is.... 

Famous french host, actor, writer and film director Mr.  Antoine de Caunes

He came to BK Hospital with what's called 'Psy's sunglasses' on. With his gentle voice, all concerns on greeting him had faded away.

 Welcome to BK Plastic Surgery Hospital!
<Dr. Kim Byung Gun is greeting Mr. Antoine de Caunes> 

Now, the real interview begins!
<A woman who actually underwent surgery (Incisional Double Eyelid Surgery and Ptosis Correction) with Dr. Kim Byung Gun shared her experience with famous French host Mr.  Antoine de Caunes.>

And then, we moved to the 3rd floor for 3-D simulation with Dr. Kim Byung Gun.

3D Simulation

<With the picture of Mr.  Antoine de Caunes after 3D simulation, every single staff had shown greater interest in plastic surgery. They all asked about the price and procedure in detail.>

BK's proud, BK Plastic Surgery Museum!

<They were all fascinated with how BK, equipped with a state-of-an-art technologies and staff, is leading the beauty trend with our plastic surgery museum (for the first time ever in Korea :) )>

<BK's 20 years of history in the plastic surgery field is all there!>

<There is no need for you to be worried about breast implants being damaged. BK Plastic Surgery Hospital uses distinctive implant features- teardrop and round, which are all highly accredited in order to provide a natural silhouette and voluminous breasts.>

 <Mr.  Antoine de Caunes is with Dr. Kim Byung Gun>

Very last message from him!

Again, We have realized that the Korean wave still is drawing international attention from all ages. 
We promise you to be the spearhead of the Korean wave with distinctive technology and staff.

Blog manager BK will be back with much more interesting news on BK Plastic Surgery Hospital! :)

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