Thursday 23 May 2013

[BK Plastic Surgery] Body Contouring: Accusculpt

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Body Contouring: Accusculpt

As summer is fast approaching, many people are worried about their bodylines. 
Liposuction offers you a refined bodyline for a short time period.  
BK Plastic Surgery does Accusculpt, effectively carves fat tissues to treat small specific areas or sagged chin. 

With Accusculpt of BK Plastic Surgery, you are no longer afraid of wearing short sleeves or pants with impeccable bodyline. 

So, the topic for today is 'Body Contouring: Accusculpt'

Recommended place for Body Contouring: Accusculpt-BK Plastic Surgery Hospital

[Body Contouring: Accusculpt]

< What is Accusculpt?>

Accusculpt is a specialized laser equipment for liposuction which has the meaning of "carving" fat tissues (accurate+sculpt). Unique wavelength of 1,444nm(compared to 1,064 nm used by conventional equipments) is able to effectively penetrate fat.

<What is special about Accusculpt in BK Plastic Surgery Hospital>

Accusculpt has a think 0.3mm thick. 
cannula for simple and painless operation, which also guarantees short recovery periods. Additionally, it can be used on chin, cheekc and cheekbone areas, standard liposuction cannot to be performed on.

Accusculpt's reliability is proven through clinical trials. 

Precise and accurate laser operation is safe without the danger of damaging normal tissues. Also the micro laser treatment causes no complications such as scar, bruise or swelling.

The special patented 1444nm wavelength laser, removes fat cells accurately and quickly, greatly shortening the duration of operation. 

Stimulation of dermal collagen prevents skin irregularlity or sagginess after surgery. 

[Application of Accusculpt]

< Application of Accusculpt-Acculift>

Acculift is one of non-incisional surgery techniques.It is to heat and dissolve fat in saggy and bulging facial areas such as nasolabial fold, chin and lower eyelids by using the Accusculpt laser. It also stimulates dermal collagen for added effect of elasticity increase. 

It also stimulates dermal collagen for added effect of elasticity increase. 

Since Acculift is non-incisional and non-surgical procedures, operative duration is relatively short. Duration of result is from 5 years to 10 years, and recovery period only is one or two days.

< Application of Accusculpt-Accushape>

Accushape is a procedure of excreting fat from body using a thin cannula, after fat has been dissolved with 1444mm-wavelenghtend Accusculpt laser.

Accushape is not a means of substituting standard liposuction to remove large amount of fat-it is used to treat small specific areas. 

For Accushape's case, 1,444nm wavelength laser dissolves fat and a fine cannula discharges. Unlike liposuction which can only be applied to broad body areas such as arm, thigh, abdomen, Accushape is effective for arm, thigh, abdomen, and small areas such as chin and ankle. 

Using local Anethesia, thin optical fibers(1mm or less) leaves little swelling and bruising-therefore short recovery periods.

We recommend Accusculpt of BK Plastic Surgery Hospital if you are interested in treating small specific areas and sagged face. 

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TEL: +82-2-544-0404


TEL: +82-2-544-0404

TEL: +82-2-544-0404

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