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[BK Plastic Surgery] Types of Breast Implant

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Types of Breast Implant

Bikini's season is fast approaching! So, this time of the year, many people wear short and light clothes. 
Women especially show greater interest about breast augmentation during the summer. 
Since breast is a symbol of femininity, natural volume and size should be key priority so you should be informative about breast augmentation. 

So, the topic for today is ''Breast Augmentation: Types of Breasts"

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Types of Breast Implant

                                                           [Types of Breast Implant]

The trend for Breast Augmentation these days is not about size. It is about how much breast is harmonious to one's bodyline having oriental aesthetic feeling. 

Breasts size matches with one's height, waist, hip, and physique, and 3-D dimensional factor including width, extent, and gradient should be considered for natural and voluminous breasts rather than just big breasts.

<Contents of Breast>

Various types of breasts implants are used for Breast Augmentation.
However, implants that are actually used are just a few.
Types of breasts implants can be classified according to texture, size, and contents

1. Cohesive Gel

Cohesive gel, the most popular breast implant used throughout the world, was approved by the FDA in 2006.
It has been credited for its safety, durability, and postoperative management being superior over other existing implants.

-Features of Cohesive gel

It feels natural.
It has less rippling, and the implant is not palpable once it is inserted.
Unlike saline implants, it does not cause leakage even with damage due to multiple layer .
Slight difference in volume cannot be adjusted.
Transabdominal incision cannot be used for cohesive gel implants.

<Different types of implants surface>

<Size of Implant>

Breast implants have various sizes from small (50-100cc) to large(700-800cc). The size of implants can be determined by a few factors, such as width of the chest, height, weight, the current size, and individual preference.

What is important about breast augmentation is to choose suitable implants for you according to your body.
Of course, diagnosis with medical specialist is very much needed before operating surgery. 

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TEL: +82-2-544-0404


TEL: +82-2-544-0404

TEL: +82-2-544-0404

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