Wednesday 29 May 2013

[BK Plastic Surgery] Beauty takes it all.

Beauty takes it all
BK Plastic Surgery Hospital

Last weekend, Blog manager BK saw her sister watching Korean drama, called Jang Ok Jung live in love.
Main actress Tae Hee Kim, admired by people of all ages with her genuine beauty, wear beautiful hanbok(Korean traditional clothes.

Well while watching it, I happened to think how real Jang Ok Jung was like.

You know who I am. If I want to find out something, i do not hesitate.

So, I chuck the word ‘Jang Ok Jung portrait’ into Google, and I got this picture!

In Korea, the standard of beauty in the past was often defined with small eyes and low nose bridge, so I thought Jang OK Jung, better known as the official concubine name Jang Hee bin would also be like that.

However, it wasn’t.

She resembles more of a modern beauty.

Do they look alike?

What do you think?

Now, I want to hear from you. Who resembles the standard of beauty in your country? And who resembled it before?

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TEL: +82-2-544-0404


TEL: +82-2-544-0404

TEL: +82-2-544-0404

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