Friday 6 July 2018

[Article] [Kukmin Daily] What you need to check for satisfying and safe breast surgery

Dr. Kum Inseop from BK Plastic Surgery Hospital shares tips on how to prepare for the safest way to choose the method and the hospital for breast surgery in the article on Kukmin Daily.


What you need to check for satisfying and safe breast surgery

With hot temperature of over 20 Celsius in the days approaching sooner than last year, people are taking interest in healthy and fit physique. A well-toned body shows off nicely when wearing light summer clothes, and allows confident and enjoyable vacation if you’re planning to go on a trip this summer. For this reason, more and more people are considering breast surgery to complete healthy and fit figure to prepare for the coming summer.

There are many things to consider for breast surgery such as type of implants, surgery method, details for follow-up care and so on.
First of all, it is crucial for the patient to choose the appropriate implants for her body, since there are different types of implant depending on the material, texture, size, shapes and others. Especially, when it comes to size, the patient should avoid choosing the biggest size and opt for the one that is in balance with the figure and creates natural volume so that there are no pains on the waist, back, and shoulders after the surgery. 

Nowadays, the shapes of the implant are focused more when considering breast surgery. The implant shape defines the breast shape. Round type and teardrop shape type are mostly used. Round implants can create full-looking breasts, but is hard to make the breast look natural. On the other hand, teardrop shaped ones can create breasts to look full and also natural.

The reason the surgery method is important in of breast surgery is there are big correlation among implant shape, safety, and the result. This is why there are high tendency recently to opt for endoscopic breast augmentation which enables the implant to be precisely inserted and secures easy view. Also, there are lots of things to consider for breast augmentation to be successful, like the experience and skills of the doctor who will perform the surgery and details for post-surgery care.

Plastic Surgeon Dr. Kum In-Seop stated, “When performing breast surgery, first and foremost is to prioritize patient’s well-being from selecting implants to surgery method and post-surgery care.” and added, “Considering appropriate size of breast in balance with the patient’s physique, waist, and hip and 3-dimensional form like width, extent, volume of protrusion, degree of slope prevents side-effects or risks after the surgery and creates voluptuous yet natural-looking breasts for the patient.”

Dr. Kum also stressed, “Before going through the breast augmentation, you must check if the doctor has abundant experience and skills to give thorough and accurate diagnosis and perform the suitable surgery for the patient and also check if the hospital has strong safety system for the surgery to go smoothly. This will ensure the patient to get physique with ideal proportion and voluptuous breasts in balance with no side effects.”

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