Tuesday 3 July 2018

2018 Summer Sale event with BK Plastic Surgery Hospital!

Don’t miss out on 2018 Summer Sale event with participation from BK Plastic Surgery Hospital!


It’s BK Plastic Surgery Hospital, the center of Korean Plastic Surgery.
Today, on behalf of BK Plastic Surgery Hospital, we are giving a heads-up on a special offer only for tourists from overseas country visiting Korea. 

'2018' Seoul Summer Sale '  with variety of discount offers for foreign visitors in Seoul will last for a whole month of July, starting from July 1st to 31st throughout the Seoul region!!! 

Total of 203 businesses are participating in 2018 Seoul Summer Sale event hosted by Seoul City and Seoul Tourism Organization.

Lots of different sale events will be held to boost motivation for visiting Seoul and to maximize the pleasure of the trip by providing practical benefits for the tourists from other countries!!!!

This year’s Summer Sale is known to have the highest number of participants.
And amongst all the registered business, we proudly let you know that the BK Plastic Surgery Hospital is also one of the participants! ^^

It would be a shame to miss an opportunity with such a meaningful and great cause!

BK Hospital is offering 50% discount on overseas patient with first-time double eyelid surgery(both incisional or non-incisional), on the condition that the patient from China, Japan and other countries that speak English holds the Summer Sale coupon shown above.

This price discount is a real deal!

BK Hospital is the only Plastic Surgery Hospital with the discount rate this high among the hospital in the same medical field!

Regardless of nationality! Regardless of age!

Always providing our best service for visiting patients, BK Plastic Surgery Hospital is offering the summer event and sponsoring a plastic surgery model to lessen the pressure of paying the surgery fee.

For further details and questions, please don’t hesitate and visit the hospital homepage or other SNS channel.
We will give our best to meet your needs and provide consultation in a friendly manner.

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