Saturday 7 July 2018

[Article] [Organic Life] 'Improve Your Wide Forehead with Forehead Reduction surgery with Fast Recovery'

When it comes to hairlines and the shapes and sizes of the forehead, forehead reduction can work wonders to bring out more ideal image and also make the face look smaller which is the trend chased by female figures these days.
Dr. Kang Sang Gu from BK Plastic Surgery Hospital shares information and tips on Forehead Reduction surgery.

'Improve Your Wide Forehead with Forehead Reduction surgery with Fast Recovery'

When it comes to a person’s appearance, the hairstyle plays a very big part in creating an image. Regardless of gender and age, everyone puts extra effort on how to style their hair before they head outside for some occasion. In the same context, the shape and size of the forehead plays a big role on the hairstyle in how the hairline shows, with instant and direct effect.

Generally, people who feel insecure about how their forehead looks grows bangs and covers the forehead. Of course, the range of hairstyle they can try is limited. What if they can escape from this feeling of insecurity by investing less than one hour of surgery with fast recovery and no side-effect? The answer lies in Forehead Reduction.

Forehead Reduction is literally the surgery for reducing the size of forehead. Hair implant can also be one option for reducing the size of the forehead, but the effect is incommensurable with that of forehead reduction.

Dr. Kang Sang Gu from BK Plastic Surgery Hospital explained, “Forehead Reduction shows immediate and permanent result. It improves the wrinkles on forehead and the glabella area, and secures the space between the eye and the eyebrow which enables to open the eyes more easily. For this reason, this surgery is performed with eyelid surgery since the result is more dramatic than doing just the forehead reduction.”

Also, the surgery only takes about an hour with simple procedure and does not accompany severe swelling with fast recovery. Therefore, if the surgery area is well covered by bangs right after the procedure, no one would realize that the person has had the surgery. Forehead Reduction does not require for the patient to stay hospitalized and there is no need for blood bag, so daily activities are resumable immediately.

There are some differences depending on the individual but the ideal forehead size is 6.5cm for man and 6cm or less for Korean woman. In the past, people preferred wide and big forehead, but nowadays they prefer it to be narrow and the hairstyle show their forehead is on the trend. Forehead Reduction can also correct the hairline and play a big part in making the face to look smaller which is a hot trend nowadays.

Dr. Kang continued and advised, “Forehead Reduction must be prepared with well-thought-out plan, and consulted with professional plastic surgeon who has vast experience and anatomical expertise since the surgery requires high level of skill. It is also important to select the hospital with safety-assured surgery system.”

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