Thursday 26 July 2018

BK Model, Yan Zi Qi’s Real Story 2!


It’s BK Plastic Surgery Hospital, the center of Korean Plastic Surgery!
We came back with more stories to share on BK Model Yani this week!

This time, we are going to follow on her day of the most ideal surgery for her eye shape and full fat graft on her face.  

(Satisfied with her lengthened and more defined chin line from the previous surgery, she couldn’t wait to go through the consultation and see what the recommended surgery for her eye shape would be! To check out more on her previous surgery, go to

Yani was extremely happy with the chin surgery she got in BK Plastic Surgery Hospital!!!

This time, she had a consultation on her eyelids and full face fat graft.
Dr. Kim Byung Gun stated that Yani’s eyes were big and pretty but the dark circles due to the concave area on the lower eyelids made Yani look listless and tired. He recommended Tranconjunctival Lower Blepharoplasty (fat relocation on lower eyelids with minimal incision) to correct the dark circles and full face fat graft to liven up the face!

[Let’s stop here and learn what Tranconjunctival Lower Blepharoplasty is and what the effect is!] 

Tranconjunctival Lower Blepharoplasty is a scarless procedure to remove eyebags and relocate remaining fat smoothly on lower eyelid with incision through mucous membrane underneath the lower eyelid without the need for stitch removal after the surgery. This surgery shows great result in improving tired looking face by correcting dark circles and concave surface under the eyes.

Yani entered the O.R, heart fluttering with anticipation once again!
We couldn’t wait to check out Yani’s face, full of newly-charged radiance and energy!

Two days after the surgery, after removing the tapes from her face and sterilizing the eye area, we could see Yani’s face looking younger and more energetic. ^^

Yani told us she was delighted to find her dark circles which made her look listless were gone and her cheeks and face looked more full and had a healthy volume overall.  

While she was staying in BK Hospital, Yani expressed her thanks to the consultant and the staff and captured our hearts with her affectionate approach.
Yani promised to come back next time when she revisits Korea, and left a nice photo and candid interviews.
BK will keep on rooting for Yani’s successful future and BK model activities and looks forward to her next visit to BK Plastic Surgery Hospital! ^^

For more information on BK Plastic Surgery Hospital where Yani paid a visit to become more beautiful, click

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