Friday 20 July 2018

BK Model, Yan Zi Qi’s Real Story 1!

BK Model, Yan Zi Qi’s Real Story 1!

It’s BK Plastic Surgery Hospital, the center of Korean Plastic Surgery.
It’s scorching hot with the heat waves coming in full speed!

Today, we introduce our new BK Model, Yani! J
Let’s find out about the new face that will bring the light upon BK Plastic Surgery Hospital, shall we?  

Yani is originally from Singapore with feminine figure and a warm, cute smile ^^

She said she was finding out ways to get extra boost to her confidence and prepare for her job interviews to get a job as a for sales personnel

Yani is having the consultation with the consultant!
She asked questions about genioplasty with advancement to correct her symptom of receding chin and also wanted to get information on eyelid surgery that could define her eye shape and facial fat graft.

[Let’s stop here and find out what Receding Chin Correction, the chin surgery Yani is getting!]
Receding Chin Correction (Genioplasty Advancement) is a facial contouring surgery performed on patients with symptoms of protruding mouth due to the short length of chin (even when the patient doesn’t have the dental structure of protruding mouth) and unaesthetic silhouette with unclear demarcation between neck and chin.
The method of the surgery varies depending on the length of the chin and the dental structures. Therefore, CT-scan is a compulsory test item in medical exam to find out the most appropriate method of surgery for the patient.

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After the medical exam, Yani had a consultation with Dr. Kim Byung Gun.
Dr. Kim explained the principle of the surgical process of Sliding Osteotomy Genioplasty which involves cutting the tip of the chin bone and sliding it forward. Yani was still in the middle of making up her minds on whether and how she wanted to get the double eyelid surgery so Dr. Kim offered to give her separate consultation later on after the chin surgery.    
Yani expressed her confidence firmly that she was glad she chose BK Hospital after the pleasing consultation with Dr. Kim accompanied by his friendly explanation. 

This is Yani, taking the pre-surgery photos in the photo room with bright smile and glowing anticipation on her face. The expression says it all. ^^
Yani’s surgery was done successfully on that day!  
Let’s check out her recovery status 5 days after the surgery and with the tapes removed from her chin, shall we? 

Yani told us there was a mild stiffness on her surgery area which was hardly a discomfort and showed satisfaction on her changed chin shape. ^^
Pleased with the surgery result, Yani could not wait to discuss her additional surgery consultation. ^^ We could just picture Yani become the next hot beauty!
Keep your eyes open for the next BK updates on Yani’s beauty upgrade!

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