Saturday 28 July 2018

BK Plastic Surgery Hospital’s Convenient Payment System

BK Plastic Surgery Hospital’s Convenient Payment System

Hello, it’s BK Plastic Surgery Hospital!
Starting from the end of 2017, BK Plastic Surgery Hospital located near Sinsa station established a efficient payment system for patient’s convenience!
Let’s find out what payment options are available!

BK Payment System 1. BitCoin
2017 was one of the hottest year with Bitcoin craze prevailing.

BK Plastic Surgery Hospital is the very first plastic surgery hospital to accept Bitcoin payment system!
The deposit can be transmitted locally and internationally, and when the payment is made in the hospital, you can simply get a QR code on the spot and send the money to the BK Hospital’s Bitcoin Wallet!
We also issue cash receipt for Bitcoin payments!
Every payment we receive is handled transparently so you can trust and visit BK! ^^

BK Payment System 2. WeChatPay, Alipay, Paypal
One of the payment system most frequently used by Koreans is SamSung Pay.
The only downside is that SamSung Pay can only be used on SamSung mobile phones.
For the patients from overseas country, they can make the payment with WechatPay and Alipay, the international mobile payment system.
WechatPay and Alipay can be downloaded in application on any mobile phone models, and the payment can be made simply by scanning the BK Plastic Surgery Hospital’s barcode and entering in the price for the payment!

Do you know Paypal, the overseas payment system?
Just enter your email address, and you can make easy payment anywhere, anytime!
With just your email address and password, you can make the payment using debit card or credit card.

Receipts are issued on payments through mobile devices and Paypal system. ^^

BK Payment System 3. Card Payment
You can pay by personal card, debit card or Union Pay card.
Some Korean cards can be used with interest-free installment plan, so please ask BK Plastic Surgery Hospital for further information.
Union Pay card is most frequently used by foreigners, especially by Chinese.
Just consider it as a commonly used debit card by Koreans.
Union Pay card makes the payment by applying exchange rate on XE website.

BK Hospital issues receipts for every surgery fee paid 100%, so you can count on us! 

BK Payment System 4. Account Transfer
Payments can be sent through account transfer both locally and internationally to BK Hospital’s exclusive bank account!

The rate of payment is fixed according to price of surgery in Korean Won (KRW), and we guarantee transparent finance management by issuing cash receipts and regular receipts 100%!

BK Payment System 5. Cash (Local Currency and Overseas Money)
Not only Korean Dollars (KRW) but currencies from different countries are all accepted.
The surgery fees are decided by calculating in Korean Dollar (KRW) standard and exchange rate of the day and time the payment is made is applied.
It goes without saying that the cash receipt is issued for each cash payment!
There is no difference between cash payment and card payment in BK Hospital.

Hospital that does not force cash payment, that is BK Plastic Surgery Hospital! 

* Special Service - VAT Tax Return
Foreign patients who got surgery in BK Plastic Surgery Hospital can get VAT return for their surgery fee!
VAT for payment under 5,000,000 won (KRW) can be refunded instantly via Global Tax Free machine in BK Plastic Surgery Hospital.
In case of payment over 5,000,000 won (KRW), we issue ‘statement of return’ to enable patients to receive the VAT return at the airport or local bank reception counter.
Please note that foreigners who’re staying long-term in Korea are not subject to the VAT return!!

Global BK Plastic Surgery Hospital with Global payment system!
BK Plastic Surgery Hospital promise to show our best service to ensure every one of our patient’s beauty upgrade locally and internationally!
For more details on BK’s payment system, please click on the link below!

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