Tuesday 2 July 2013

[BK Plastic Surgery] Breast augmentation via fat grafting

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Breast augmentation via fat grafting

Breast augmentation surgery for voluminous shape rather than small shape is in its highest priority for women in this time of the year. However, they don't want to have just a big breasts, they want natural voluminous shape of breasts. 

Breast augmentation via implant and fat grafting are the most popular procedure of breast augmentation surgery. Today, breast augmentation via fat grafting with natural voluminous shape will be the topic. 

Recommended place for breast surgery via fat grafting-BK Plastic Surgery Hospital 

Breast augmentation via fat grafting creates a beautiful cleavage and natural movement of breasts along activities such as lying or running compared to breast implants. 

1+1 Effects of Fat Grafting

Breast AUgmentation with Fat Grafting gives not only natural enlargement of breasts effect but also gives a great chance to get rid of unwanted fat at once by harvesting from thighs and tummy.

BK Plastic Surgery Hospital, recommended place of breast surgery-Surgical method of breast augmentation via fat grafting

1. Local anesthesia with IV sedation begins.
2. Harvest fat tissue from thighs, hips, and abdomen with a small cannula for fat grafting
3. Using centrifugation,purify fat tissue to remove all unnecessary aspects.
4. Purified fat will be injected equally into multiple layers of tissue with special surgical needles.

Advantages and Disadvantages of breast surgery via fat grafting.


Slimming effect since fat using for augmentation is harvested from where unwanted fat remains such as abdomen or hips.

No complication including capsular contracture that may be induced with breast implants.

Natural appearance after surgery since no implant is used.


Additional procedure is required in case of size reduction due to fat resorption;fat resorption is common reaction for fat grafting.

Attainable breast size is limited to amount of fat that can be injected.

If you want natural voluminous breasts through removing unwanted fat, breast augmentation via fat grafting from recommended place of breast augmentation surgery.

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