Tuesday 18 June 2013

[BK Plastic Surgery] For your pretty hand! :)

BK Plastic Surgery
For your pretty hand

Is your hand pretty?
Usually, your hand is pretty before wedding.
After wedding, your hand gets unpleasant looking because of frequent chores.

Pretty hand 1
Rubber gloves all the time :)

Since rubber gloves numb your nerves, some people are hesitant in wearing their rubber gloves.
If you wear cotton gloves inside of your rubber gloves, then it protects more of your hand.

Pretty hand 2
Let's get sensitive in scars on hands.

People are not sensitive about their scars on hands. Such stark contrast is to be avoided for your prettier hands. Apply ointment to problem areas for scars to be avoided. 

Pretty hand 3
Massage hands gently.

Do not just apply facial pack to your face, apply it to hands too.
After applying facial pack, you can also massage your hands with residue of facial pack.
Hands get easily dried so you can also use plastic gloves if possible.

If you have pretty hands, it will give you a more of a elegant image. 
It is not hard to have pretty hands, so if just keep doing it on a daily basis.


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