Wednesday 9 January 2013

[BK Plastic Surgery] Good foods for anti-aging

Good foods for anti-aging

When we get old, skin gets aged too! 
By just looking at the skin we get frustrated.

To prevent our skin getting aged 
what can we do?

Now we’re going to learn about the foods that are good for anti-aging!!

1.  Salmon

Salmon contains a lot of fish oil that lower our cholesterol in our body. 
It is the most representative food for anti-aging.

If your skin color looks pale or grayish, take salmon.
You will see your skin color changes brighter.

2.  Nuts

The pine nut and walnut are the most notable nut kind.

These two foods help the skin tone looks healthy and elasticity. 
Therefore your skin will be glowing.

Nuts are very easy ingredient to get. 
So try to take nuts consistently~

     3.  Carrot

Carrot contains a lot of vitamin C. 
Vitamin C is effective on tightening skin and helps it avoid damaging. 

Also vitamin C is effective on wrinkles. 

Especially people who are stressed by acne, 
eating carrot everyday will cure them.

4. Blueberry

       Blueberry contains a lot of nutrition that stops aging process of skin. 
Beside blueberry is famous food for diet ,constipation and eyes. 

Additionally blueberry is world well known ingredient, 
so it is nice to use blueberries in to different kinds of food.

So far it was beauty girl telling you about anti-aging foods. 
Once skin starts aging it is impossible to restore the original skin you had. 
Taking care of your skin is the most important. 

Intake the foods I told you and take care your skin beautifully~

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