Friday 31 August 2012

5 Foods that make your skin look fabulous

 ▶5 Foods that make your skin look fabulous

All the beautiful women we know in general have something in common 
- fabulous skin 
Between seasons, it is hard to keep our skin fully moisturized that the skin often becomes dry and rough. 
Today, we will teach you 5 foods that can help you get a fabulous skin.  

Potato made first on our list. 
Many of you know already that potato is good for skin 
and widely used as a mask pack at home.
Vitamin C from potato prevents skin disease and provides minerals to skin.
It also has cooling effects on sunburn skin.  

Orange is our second food on the list that makes your skin look fabulous. 
Orange is filled with fruity acid that brightens your skin. 
There is 120mg of vitamin C inside 1 orange. 
Since there is a great amount of vegetable fibers inside the white peels,
it can help you with constipation and strengthen your capillary vessels. 

There are lots of minerals and vitamins in kelp 
that it can help with your blood circulation, 
enhance elasticity and create a glow on your skin.
Having troubles with frequent swelling and dry skin ? 
After removing salt from kelp and brew it. 
Washing face with kelp water can soften your skin.   

Garlic made fifth food on our list. 
Allicin, which is the main ingredient of garlic, 
pushes melanin pigments out of the skin so that the tone of skin can be much clearer. 
Garlic also has great antibacterial effect that it helps remove hidden dead skin cells 
enhancing elasticity of skin.  

Soybean paste may sound strange to you, but it is frequently used in Korean food. 
There are fibers, lactic acids, and unsaturated fat to help you get rid of constipation which results in getting rid of acne and freckles.
It is also greatly known for prevention of skin disease.  

We have looked at the list of food that can make your skin fabulous today. 
There are lots of methods to make your skin look better, but the most important thing is to continue practicing good habits for skin patiently. 

 Flawless skin with youthful glow ? Try choosing good food for your skin today ! 


  1. The power of a healthy diet is amazing. After I had liposuction in Toronto the diet was essential in order to keep the great result I had after the procedure.
    Our skin is very sensitive so we have to be very careful with it, and these foods are definitely helping.

    1. Exactly ! I remember a copy saying "You are what you eat."
      Our skin is so sensitive that what we eat will truly reflect our skin as well as our body and health. Thanks for leaving us a comment, Flory. :-)