Monday 3 September 2012

Try NEAT Diet !

Try NEAT Diet ! 

Have you heard of this new diet method called NEAT diet ?
NEAT stands for non-exercise activity thermogenesis 
that you would burn calories not by doing some specific exercise 
but by increasing activities in your daily life. 
Let's find out more about this NEAT diet ! 

When you use public transportation such as buses or subways, 
by standing up during rides makes you burn 
as twice as much of calories than sitting. 
You can offer seats to elders and also burn calories at the same time ! 
Folding your laundries and talking to your friends while standing also help you enjoy standing without being on a boredom. 

When you watch TV, instead of lying on a couch, 
it is better to sit up in a proper posture. 
Walking to the TV stand to change the channels 
instead of using a remote control is another way to increase your daily activities. 

Carrying a book bag instead of carrying a small ouch
 is another method of NEAT diet. 
You can carry as much as you want and lose weight at the same time. :) 

When you are at a grocery shopping, 
try using a basket instead of using a cart.
You can burn up to 1.8 times of more calories than 
just carrying a cart.  

Avoid elevators !! 
Using stairs can make you burn as much calories 
as if you were swimming. 

When you walk in your daily life, walking a little faster than usual can be a great 
way to increase your daily calorie output. 
Even when you are on phone, taking steps can be the same as doing exercise. 
Pretty easy and convenient, right ? :) 

Losing weight without being on a painful diet, it was every women's dream, wasn't it ?
Now, your dream can actually come true ! 
Stop spending money on a gym membership that you hardly go. 
Try NEAT diet right now ! 

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