Tuesday 24 April 2012

Deviated nose correction


Nobody has a perfectly straight nose and most noses in general have some degree of asymmetry.
BUT!! if you've got a quite deviated or twisted nose, you may not look good in terms of aesthetic matters.

The severely deviated nose is a complex problem with both functional and aesthetic implications.
so it should be corrected. 

There are a number of ways to correct your nose. 
Experienced surgeons can consider which surgical method is proper to perform
so you'd better to consult with one of rhinoplasty experts at BK.

BK measures how your nose is collapsed and its degree in detail.
We then use an individualised silicon implant to correct your nose straight. 

If your nose is bent to one side too much, we make an incision on your nose cartilage that is curved. 
It is to correct your nose straight by repositioning inwards or outwards depending on your nose shape. 

We can also correct your twisted nostril.  
Some deviated nose can be corrected by straightening the nasal septum 

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