Thursday 19 April 2012

Outer corner of eye reshaping


If outer corner of eye is sagging downwards a bit, you may have a favorable impression.
However, you may look sad and tired if outer corner of eye is sagging too much. 

BK outer corner reshaping is to correct sagging, puffy or drooping eyes
so that you can have a better impression and look energetic.

Outer corner reshaping performed at BK is to make a small incision on outer canthus and reposition the outer corner of eye after desquamating between skin and conjunctiva.
And then suture on inside your eyes so that we don't make a scar. 

We make an incision on outer corner of eyes.
This surgery may help you to have bigger eyes and better impression. 

We measure the length between lateral canthus and eye bone precisely
and incise on a sunken part of outer corner of eye so scar is almost invisible. 

Length: 20 mins
Anesthesia : Local and intravenous sedation
Stitch removal : 7 days after

You can wash your face after stitch removal. 
For more information regarding procedural costs and the affordability of surgery,
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