Saturday 28 April 2012

Protruding chin correction


Hello~it's beauty girl again! let's have look at protruding chin correction today :)

When you have a long face or protruding lower jaw, it is defined as a protruding chin.
There are two different kinds of protruding chin so we can correct them depending on its shape.

★ Protruding chin caused by mandibular protrusion ★

If your lower jaw was over developed frontwards and downwards, and mandible is protruded overall, you may have also protruding teeth and jaw.

In this case, you may have experienced of malocclusion (Which is s a misalignment of teeth or incorrect relation between the teeth of the two dental arches) especially on molars.
As abnormally shaped teeth have been cited as causes of mandibular protrusion, it is recommended to have two jaw surgery which can correct your lower jaw bone and alveolar process at the same time. 

★ Protruding chin caused by mandible hyperostosis 

In this case, you may have a straight set of teeth; however, your lower bone is over developed only downwards like a picture above. It is called mandible hyperostosis.
We don't think that he has serious protruding chin but his chin can be reshaped by correcting only his lower jaw.

As beauty girl mentioned above, BK Hospital has advanced expertise in facial contouring.
We can measure all the details such as thickness, length and nerve location of chin by using 3D CT. We can use these information and they can contribute to make a precise surgical plan and reduce length of surgery and a risk significantly.

As well as we are able to reduce nerve, muscle and tissue damage. 
Those things mentioned above so far enable us to correct patient's chin well proportioned. 

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