Saturday 21 April 2018

[US Circa News] US Circa News interview filming of Dr. Do Eon Rok in BK Plastic Surgery Hospital

US Circa News interview filming of Dr. Do Eon Rok in BK Plastic Surgery Hospital

When it comes to Korean Plastic Surgery Hospital, there is no place like global BK Plastic Surgery Hospital!
Last March, Circa News from USA came for the interview.
Let’s find out what it was all about!

Circa news is a broadcast station in Washington, USA, with millions of readers internationally with partner agreements with Sinclair broadcasters, which have over 100 channels worldwide as well as in the United States.

A reporter from this well-known broadcast station visited Korea to film BK Plastic Surgery^^

They interviewed patients who visited BK plastic surgery. The first interview is with a pretty girl from Hong Kong ^^

She already had a charming face but she wanted to groom herself more with the wedding planned ahead which is why she visited our hospital. ^ ^ Thank you very much for your kindness from the consultation process to the interview!

The next interview patient is a Korean woman.

Next patient interviewed was a Korean lady who already had surgery and received several treatments in BK Hospital and became a regular visitor out of satisfaction.
In the interview, she stated that her recent nose filler treatment showed great result with no obvious sign of getting the injection so she has been recommending it to her friends.

Plastic Surgery! The old days of “plastic surgery is for women” has passed!

Men's cosmetic surgery is in!
A male client visited to consult about Rhinoplasty.
Thank you very much for coming in to consult and ask about how you could improve your nose, 
what your expectation should be, what you can do after the surgery and more. 
We will take good care of you on the day of your surgery and see you soon with 
your new handsome face!

After interviewing three patients, the filming of the actual surgery began.

BK Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Do Eon Rok’s performance scene of Blepharoplasty was captured on film.
The filming was done to find out the ambience of the surgery room, the surgery method and what goes on in the surgery room but with extra caution so to avoid any disturbance.

Next, there was an interview with BK Plastic Surgeon Do Eon Rok.

The journalist asked him about the psychology behind patients who come to Korea for medical tourism, 
the popular surgeries, and why he became a specialist in plastic surgery.
They also asked how he feels about treating patients visiting BK plastic surgeons for plastic surgery. 
They had a pleasant interview with Dr. Do who not only wants to help bring out the beauty on the outside 
but on the inside.
Since Dr. Do speaks English, he communicated directly with the program director without the assistance of a translator, proving that BK Plastic Surgery Hospital is indeed global^^.

After filming of the USA Circa, we took a picture as a commemoration. We express much gratitude to Dr. Do Eon Rok who spared his time for the surgery filming and the interview! Thank you to the Marketing Team for preparing and making this special occasion happen! The schedule to air is around April or May and you can view the updates on BK Plastic Surgery Hospital Homepage afterwards!

Plastic surgery hospital in Gangnam, Global BK Plastic Surgery will continue to provide services that will satisfy our patients through a safe and systematic surgical system!

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