Thursday 20 October 2016

[BK Plastic Surgery] Why do Botox and Filler called 'Petite Plastic Surgery' in Korea?

Why do Botox and Filler called 

'Petite Plastic Surgery' in Korea?

Let us talk about Botox treatment in 

BK Plastic Surgery in Gangnam, Seoul!

Botox treatment is called ‘Petite Plastic Surgery’ 

because of its non-surgical process in operation. 

Nowadays, Botox treatments are performed

in various clinics such as dental clinics, 

dermatologists, and other small aesthetics in Korea. 

And now we are pleased to present you with 

BK hospital’s renowned Botox process.

Botox is a type of toxin produced by 

bacteria named ‘Botulinum’. 

When injected, Botox can paralyze 

the muscles, reduce the size, or straighten 

facial wrinkles in a short period of time.

It has gotten its popularity in Korea 

because of its short (almost none) recovery time 

after the operation. 

In addition, Botox injection process 

does not take so much time.

Botox is one of the representative 

shot treatments that can result in 

straightening of wrinkles and reduction of the muscles. 

Its duration 6 months up to 1 year. 

Moreover, relatively cheaper price 

compared to other surgical operations 

is attracting a lot of people 

with desire to become prettier.

Fillers are materials used to inflate 

depressions caused by wrinkles 

or acne scars, which include Hyaluronic acid, 

Calcium and collagen. 

It does have similar advantages 

as Botox injections in time and duration, 

but consultation with the professionals 

is highly recommended beforehand 

to enhance the results. 

And qualified and experienced doctors 

should perform the operation,

for that they fully understand 

the facial features of individuals 

and have an aesthetic sense on appearances.

Low quality of the fillers or skills 

of operators/doctors can severely damage 

the look or dissatisfy the patients, 

so we must check directions and precautions 

before the operation.


★ Is it made of safe materials?

We should check its materials and ingredients. 

Filler has two types; 

one is Hyaluronic acid, 

and the other is non-Hyaluronic. 

If it is at absurdly cheap price, 

we should check if its refined 

and the right amount of filler is being injected.


★ How is the skill level of the doctors?

It is a must check before getting filler shots

to prevent revision or side effects!

Filler shots should be injected 

in right position in the skin layer, 

and it is expected to have good results 

only when its performed by experienced doctors 

who are plastic surgery specialist.


★ After the operation.

1. Avoid excessive rubbing on the injection area 

to allow filler to settle.

2. Hot baths and Saunas can accelerate 

blood flow in the face, 

which lowers effectiveness of filler, 

or even lead to infection.

3. Smoking and drinking are also to be avoided 

at least for a week.

4. If redness or excessive swelling 

appears in the area, 

a quick medical treatment is required 

at the hospital you visited.

So this is what we had for today about 

Petite Plastic Surgery at BK Hospital!

It may look like an easy and quick operation, 

but filler injections will have the best results 

when its injected by the qualified 

and experienced specialists, 

because it is shot in between the skin layers 

away from the blood vessels in the face. 

Consult with our dedicated medical staff 

in BK Hospital 

and be prettier at BK Hospital 

BK Plastic Surgery in Gangnam, Seoul!

Thank you and warm regards 

from the best Plastic Surgery Hospital, BK J

Beautiful Korea!

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