Thursday 20 October 2016

[BK Plastic Surgery] The best Plastic Surgery Hospital to get your Tax Refunded!

Korean government has enforced Tax Refund Service 
to foreign patients on plastic surgeries since April, 2016.

And here on the second floor in BK Hospital, we installed this tax refund machine to refund tax for our dear patients. J

Tadaaa, this is what we have in the waiting room on the 2nd floor.

As it says, this machine help the foreign patients 
get their tax refunded.

GLOBAL TAX FREE kiosk is installed 
with 3 different languages (KR/EN/CN).

All you need to is to bring your passport and receipt 
from the hospital.

It is so easy to use that all patients can do it 
by themselves.

(Of course our staff is always there to assist you 
when you need help!)


BK Hospital recently won an award on our best practice 
regarding Tax Refund for international patients, 
because we have enforced and consistently conducted tax refund on surgeries.

We were also selected as the model hospital 
for tax refund service on our medical services. 



The presentation ceremony was held in Gangnam gu Main office, 
and Dr. Kum, In Seop was there for the event.

As you can see in the picture, 
there were so many people in the ceremony.

There was Gangnam gu office’s speech session 
to enhance attraction of foreign patients as well as 
reinforcing our endeavor to offer better service to them.

We felt great and honored to be there to be selected 
as a model hospital.


Now it’s time to start the ceremony!

We see our proud Dr. Kum on the right side of the picture 


He looks so professional, reading the reference materials given by Gangnam gu Office.

Ceremony begins… NOW!

BK Hospital BK Plastic Surgery has been selected as 
one of the top hospitals to attract foreign patients since 2010, 

and we have so many international patients visiting us from worldwide.

This is very rewarding and honoring moment to win the award.

And again, we see our Dr. Kum! (Second right on the first row)

((We promise you, he was not asleep, he was not just aware of the picture taking. JJJ))

13 Hospitals and clinics were awarded 
in this ceremony including BK Hospital.


Shin, Yeon-hee, the head of Gangnam gu Office is 
handing over the award to Dr. Kum.

He attended the ceremony on behalf of our BK Hospital.


This is the awardees and the head of Gangnam gu Office after the event.

Our Dr. Kum is standing proudly in the center.

Everyone is so happy with the awards.


So, right here and right now, 
the award arrived safely in the hospital.

It is presented proudly in the waiting area in the hospital.

We are very thankful to be awarded such big commendation 
for following the Korean government’s policies. 

We were just doing what we think was right, 
offering tax refund to international patients.

We promise you that we will always be dedicated 
to make Beautiful Korea as BK Stands for it!

Have a wonderful day today J

***Headquarter of BK is located in Seoul, Korea ***
 English +82 10 5021 8886

Indonesia : +82 10-7152-8892

Malaysia :  +82-10-9481-8960

Singapore :  +65 9389 7749

China : +82 10 4934 8886

Japan : +82 10 7128 3886

Mongolia : +82 10 4072 0403

Vietnam : +82 10 4732 8894

Russia: +82 10 4783 8886

Thailand: +82 10 4783 8886 

***Below is BK's Singapore branch ***

BK Medical Group Aesthetic Clinic

#08-05,06 Novena Medical Centre, 10 Sinaran Drive, Singapore, 307506



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