Thursday 7 May 2015

[BK Plastic Surgery] Liposuction to acheive desirable body shape!

Summer is just around the corner!
Worried of wearing shorts or sleeveless t-shirts? 
Wish to know the secret of keeping your body fit without Yo-Yo phenomenon?
You must be interested in liposuction procedure of BK Medical Group.

Why is BK's Liposuction famous?
There are a lot of ways to lose weaight such as diet and excersice. However, they take long time to lose weight or to be effective. In addition, some people easily experience Yo-Yo phenomenon. That is why many people choose liposuction to acheive slimming effect in short amount of time. Liposuction removes accumulated layers of excess fat with sound pressure or ultrasound to refine your body shape.
Various types of liposuction

Liposuction on face can be effective if the face holds excessive fat for its bone structure. Fat removal can define facial lines along the lower jaw and neck, and provide an effect of lifting sagging chin skin as well.

º Smaller Appearance
º Beautiful and defined jaw-line
º Youthful Apperance 

Thick arms make the whold body look chubby, wherease slim and firm arms make it more attractive. Arm is the area that greatly benefits from liposuction. Liposuction on arms aims for 70 % fat reduction without sagginess.
º No excersice or Diet needed
º Slim and firm arms
º Arms with no excess fat



The back consists of hard and dense fat cells with abundant fibers. Thus once accumulated, fat on the back cannot be lost easily. Liposuction on axilla area, on the other hand, aims to make smooth skin surface by removing fat and cellulite, with consideration of possible accessory breasts as well.
º No exercise or diet needed
º Gorgeous backside
º No irregular apperance of back



Abdomen area can easilly again weight, but difficult to lose it for foth men and women. Liposuction on abdomen area needs to be evenly performed leaving small amount of subcutaneous fat to creat a smooth abdomen surface. This procedure usually makes a distinct visual difference, wish satisfies most patients. 
º Slim abdomen
º Dramatic silhouette
º No exercise or diet needed
Thigh/hip that are relatively larger compared to the upper torsom, are not always aethetically pleasing. Exercise and diet, in this case, often affect other parts of body except thigh and hip. It is important to maintain a proportional balance by removing fat all around the thigh from the upper hip down to the knee. Removal of cellulite keeps the skin surface smooth and removing fat from hips results in a longer and straighter looking lower body.
º Legs that every girl's dreams
º Confident silhouette
º Slim thighs and voluminous hips  

Slim calves and thin ankles are requisites for the ideal body shape. Before the surgery, it is important to find out whether calves are fatty or muscular. Liposuction is applied in case of fatty calves or the mixture of fat and muscles. Muscular types require calf reduction or neurectomy.
 * Effects*
º Slim calves for everyone
º Completion of the perfect body shape
º No exercise or diet needed

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