Saturday 25 April 2015

[BK Plastic Surgery] Double eyelid surgery with Ptosis correction

Do you look sleepy or tired with single eyelid?

Or do you look still sleepy or tired even though you have double eyelid?

If you do, Check out BK's Ptosis Correction!

There are some people who look sleepy or tired. Their eyelids often cover the pupils. They also raise their eyebrows to open their eyes. This condition is caused by ptosis, also known as weakness of levator muscle. Therefore, those who have these symptoms, ptosis correction, levator muscle weakness correction, is necessary to shorten the levator muscle with an incision along the inner surface of eyelid or eyelid creases.

Who needs ptosis correction?

If you have one of the symptoms below, you would be a candidate for ptosis correction.

1. Sleepy eyes

2. Desire to have bigger eyes

3. Severely asymmetrical eyes

4. No significant change or dissatisfactory appearance after double eyelid surgery

Why double eyelid surgery is performed with ptosis correction?

Do you see the differences?

If someone who has ptosis symptoms undergoes double eyelid surgery itself, the eyes would not look big or defined enough. In addition, the eyes will still look sleepy or tired, and will use the muscles on forehead to open their eyes. 

Therefore, ptosis correction is recommended to undergo with double eyelid surgery.

How does surgery work?

1. Incision is made along double eyelid line designed in advance before surgery.

2. Suture along the crease after tying or removing the levator muscle.

Significance of Ptosis Correction

Operation Information

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