Tuesday 21 April 2015

[BK Plastic Surgery] BK Plastic Surgery was on TV Program, Cantik Detektif on Media Corp Suira!

We are so glad to tell you that BK Plastic Surgery was on TV program, "Cantik Detektif" on Media Corp Suria, as one of the leading Korean plastic surgery.

Cantik Detektif on Media Corp
April 2nd, Thursday, 2015, 8:30 PM - 9:30 PM (Singapore Time)

Did you miss the show? Please do not worry! 

You can watch the show again on the link below (from 11:30 minutes).

Dr. Kim Byung Gun, one of the top plastic surgeons in Korea, explained why Koreans are very attracted to aesthetic surgeries.

Huda, a speaker of this program also had a consultation with Dr. Kim about what she would like to achieve if she undergoes plastic surgery.

In addition, Huda also had a chance to meet Michelle, one of Dr. Kim's patients. 

Dr. Kim explains what kind of surgeries Michelle underwent and why she had such surgeries.

He also showed Huda Michelle's before-and-after surgery pictures to explain how she looks different.

After having consultation with Dr. Kim, Huda had a consultation with Nancy, English speaking cosmetic consultant. She explained the procedure of mandible angle reduction which Huda was interested in. 

Moreover, Nancy showed Huda before-and-after pictures done by computer program to give Huda more clear ideas how she would look different if she undergoes the surgery.

Huda was quite impressived with this 2D program since it helps clients to have a better understanding and to make a right decision.

Afterwards, Huda mentioned that "I have learnt a lot on what is considered beauty in Korea. It is no wonder what their aesthetic surgery industry is vibrant and has expanded attracting many tourists here."

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