Tuesday 20 January 2015

Dr. Kim Byung Gun Opened BK Medical Group Aesthetic Clinic in Singapore

After 7 Years of Hard Work, Dr. Kim's Singapore Dream Finally Realized

BK Plastic Surgery Hospital, the global leader of Korean cosmetic surgery located in Gangnam, the heart of Korean beauty and medical services, advances into the overseas market. On November 27th, Dr. Kim Byung Gun from BK Plastic Surgery Hospital in Korea officially mentioned that the first branch of BK is now grand opened in Singapore, titled with “BK Medical Group Aesthetic Clinic.” From this on, BK Medical Group finally steps forward to further global health and beauty market. Besides Korea which is his homeland, Dr. Kim has been also strengthening his and BK’s core value of beauty in China and Malaysia. By serving local consultations in these countries, Dr. Kim as well as BK in Korea could build up the brand awareness more efficiently. Based on this long experience as well as strong history behind BK, new branch in Singapore has high level of expectation.

Link: http://english.bkhospital.com/community/community03_view.asp?idx=8168; http://www.novenamedicalcenter.com/our-clinics/bk-medical-group-aesthetic-clinic/

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